Geoff Hansen, web design & graphics

Highland Builders

• Peter O'Connor's construction company Highland Buiders has done excellent work on our home over the years – Peter and I recently did a refresh on his WordPress-based website.
• Switching to the Generate Press template, the site is now optimized to be seen on all devices (computer, tablet and phone).
• I also optimized the site for Google searches.

"Geoff Hansen created a web site for me that is fresh, functional and fabulous! I continue to get multiple compliments (and opportunities) because of my site. Geoff's efficient turnaround time and reasonable rates are competitive in a market where everyone is seeking more page views."
— Jennifer Shu, Atlanta-based pediatrician, author, CNN HEALTH columnist and REACH MD host

Cindy Pierce

• I first met Cindy in the mid-1990s when I photographed her wedding at her parents' Etna, N.H., inn. Years passed: Cindy and her husband took over the inn and she needed help publicizing her new adventure in comic storytelling. Since then, Cindy has become a popular public speaker who talks to young people about sexuality and their decisions around it.
• We recently did a refresh of her WordPress-based website, incorporating videos and clarifying the navigation for the audiences she reaches. The site uses a Generate Press template that works across all devices.

Town of Williamstown

• After I successfully revamped the Town of Tunbridge's website, Williamstown Town Manager Jacqueline Higgins asked me to do the same for theirs. We moved the Joomla-based site over to WordPress, using the same GeneratePress-based template that I created for Tunbridge. We also included a feed to the town's Facebook page for updates.
• The website is dynamic for desktop, tablet or phone views and search engines easily find updated pages as government documents are added.

Jill Grimes

• I have been working with Jill Grimes for some time now. An energetic family practitioner in Austin, Tex., Jill is currently working on a follow-up to her successful book Seductive Delusions: How Everyday People Catch STDs.
• We have melded her older HTML/CSS and Blogger websites into one WordPress website, using GeneratePress for its structure. It is now mobile-friendly and one-stop shopping for Jill's latest writing and media appearances.

Nicola Smith

• After taking down her editing website a few years ago, I helped Nicola Smith come back with a simpler and better version that highlights her work and also can incorporate a blog down the road.
• The tablet- and phone-friendly website uses a GeneratePress template that we customized, and also includes SSL security. It's great to see Nicola getting the word out about her work because I'm a huge fan (and her husband!).

Town of Tunbridge

• The Tunbridge Selectboard approached me to help bring their website up-to-date. I used GeneratePress' WordPress template to reorganize the navigation and also used Emily Howe's excellent photography (and a few by me) to dress up the pages. With Janet Zug's long-running Tunbridge Quarterly and an Events Calendar online, it's now an excellent resource for the community.
• The WordPress-based site is dynamic for desktop, tablet or phone views and search engines easily find updated pages.

Tunbridge Hill Farm

• For several years I have been maintaining a website I designed for our neighbors, Wendy and Jean Palthey, who have a beautiful vegetable farm. I not only designed the site for them, but I'm fortunate to go photograph their farm on occasion. There's nothing like warm soil on your bare feet!
• The website has been switched to a WordPress-based structure with SSL security, using the GeneratePress template so the site is tablet/mobile-friendly. We also incorporated a feed to their Facebook page, which includes regular updates about what's available from the farm at market.

Tunbridge Church

• For quite a while I have been the volunteer website mechanic for the Tunbridge Church's site, keeping it up-to-date.
• We have switched the WordPress-based website to a newer GeneratePress template that's phone and tablet friendly, also including a feed to the church's Facebook page to keep everyone current.

Raise Your Glass of Wine

• Warren Johnston began writing a column about inexpensive wines while I worked with him at the Valley News. After his retirement a few years ago, Warren has continued to do the column on his own and was looking for a way to present it online.
• I have helped to organize those columns in a WordPress-based site, which is dynamic for desktop, tablet or phone views. I also created a Wine Finder, a way to search the columns by wine type, season and type of meal.

Mary Cappello

• A few years ago, I designed a web site for Swallow, Mary Cappello's new book about the work of Chevalier Jackson and his collection at the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. We eventually added her other books to the site.
• For Mary's new book, Life Breaks In, we started fresh with a WordPress shell from Graph Paper Press (and added the above content as well). It's dynamic, changing to fit the site of the screen the reader is using (computer, tablet or phone). It also has the option to add a blog.

Man Up and Open Up

• Eric Barthold came to me through a mutual friend to set up a new website for his speaking series Man Up and Open Up. Eric visits high schools and colleges throughout New England to speak with students about gender stereotypes.
• While Eric already had a website running through a free service, we purchased a domain name and used his content in a customized WordPress shell from Graph Paper Press. It's dynamic, changing to fit the site of the screen the reader is using (computer, tablet or phone). It also has the option to add a blog down the road.

Canonica Farm & Forest Services

• I met Ben Canonica over a decade ago when he and his girlfriend were organic farm apprentices. After travelling the country for other opportunities, Ben and Meg moved back to the area, were married and put down roots in a neighboring town.
• Ben asked for my help in establishing a web presence for his business, Canonica Farm & Forest Services. Ben does amazing work, whether it's working with his excavator in the summertime or horses over winter.
• The customized site uses multiple-platform WordPress architecture and features an accordion effect to package a half-dozen slideshows. The site also allows for addition of a blog down the road.

Paul Galdone

• The amazing illustration work of the late Paul Galdone is now online in a site maintained by his children. Galdone created the art work for hundreds of children's books, book jackets and novels, including some that I read to my daughter when she younger. I felt very honored to be part of the project.
• The site uses WordPress architecture with a Graph Paper Press template to display the illustrations full-screen. We went with WordPress to allow for updates through a News section and other additions down the road.

Reflections on Medicine

• After having troubles with a do-it-yourself service, the coordinator for the group Reflections on Medicine aaked me to build a simple site featuring their good work: continuing education for medical school students.
• The site is structured for easy access to teaching and discussion PDFs the group has prepared.

Deborah Salem Smith

• I photographed Deb's wonderful civil union in Vermont years ago; later, she asked me to create a website that features her award-winning work as a playwright-in-residence at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, R.I.
• Deb and I recently updated her site, featuring her critically-acclaimed new play Love Alone. I added an interactive slide show on the home page and new site content.

Louis Phillips

• After seeing the work I had done for one of my clients, prolific author and poet Louis Phillips asked me to create a similar site that highlights his writing and photography.
• With navigation at the top and bottom of each page, the site is separated into categories and uses the simple photo gallery treatment I've used on other sites.

Baldi Agency

• Malaga Baldi is a literary agent based in New York City. She has represented many authors over the years, and wanted to highlight their work on her new website.
• Malaga's site has a row of book covers across the top that change as each page is reloaded; it also has lots of interesting links and more information about the authors she represents.

Green Spark Farm

• I met Mary Ellen and Austin Chadd when I photographed their local wedding a few years ago. The Chadds are now farming in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, and they came to me in frustration after trying to set up a website on their own.
• Using another farm's website I did as a template, we customized it to make it their own, with pages and pages of photographs of their beautiful vegetables.

Finding the Doorbell

• As a spin-off from her stage show, comic Cindy Pierce and her friend Edie Thys Morgan co-wrote the book Finding the Doorbell. They needed a website to promote their how-to sex book.
• The site has a chapter excerpt, book signing listings and media clips.

Jennifer Shu

• I was first introduced to Jennifer when she was a local pediatrician for a mutual friend's children. Now living in the Atlanta area, Jennifer is an energetic doctor who is also an author, a regular on CNN Health and XM Radio's ReachMD program.
• I recently freshened up the site I designed for Jennifer by adding new photos, and a video feed from her blog and Twitter pages.


• Robyn Jacobs came to me on the referral of another client; she was starting a new business for the treatment of women's wellness and wanted an online presence.
• Since designing the site, I've been expanding it with new pages and information as Robyn has been growing the business. She uses the site as a place for clients to find information about the business.

Christine Montross

• Author Christine Montross is someone I first met when she hired me to photograph her civil union in Vermont. We initially set up a site to highlight Christine's well-received Body of Work. We recently added her second book, Falling Into the Fire, a memoir about her encounters with patients as a resident and attending physician.
• Working with a copyrighted design Christine put together, I did the HTML and CSS coding to bring it to website browsers. Since its debut, we have added more material to the site to reflect her new work and reviews.

Jennifer Hauck

• One of my co-workers at the Valley News, photographer Jennifer Hauck, asked me to create a site that features her wedding photography.
• It's a straight-forward set-up, with galleries of the featured weddings and a home page whose photo changes when a user comes back to the site.

Marion W. Lent

• Marion is a talented illustrator who lives down the road from us — our daughters were born on the same day!
• When designing Marion's website, I used her handwriting for the banner and menu, and also thumbnails of Marion's illustrations for other page navigation.

Pictures at a Revolution

Pictures at a Revolution

• Author Mark Harris was referred to me by his publisher — Mark needed a site to highlight his new book, the well-received Pictures at a Revolution.
• Working off of a template, the site featured the book's introduction, chapter excerpt and where to buy the book. The site is no longer online.

Upper Valley Sports Education Foundation

• A group of dedicated volunteers has formed the Upper Valley Sports Education Foundation to help with awareness in sports injuries and prevention. Led by Edie Thys Morgan, they asked for my help in creating a web site to get their message out.
• Their straight-forward site uses their photography on every page, as well as a couple of pages that can be edited themselves with a login and password. The site is no longer online.

231 Dogford Bed & Breakfast

• After hearing about my work from one of my clients, Murray and Karen Washburn asked me to help them create a site that highlights their small bed and breakfast in their beautiful home in Etna, N.H.
• The web site featured lots of their photography displayed on all of the pages and a gallery as well. It also had a booking calendar and map to their location. It's no longer online as the couple have moved on to a new adventure!

Half a Bubble Off Plumb

Half a Bubble Off Plumb

• Writer Tom Hill was interested in posting his newspaper columns online; he had a mock-up from a graphic artist that he needed translated into HTML.
• I created the banner and buttons, and formatted the text for posting. The site is no longer online.