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In 2007, A Day in the Life of Tunbridge raised over $2,000 for the town's steeple repair fund. Click here to read more about it.


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Project Raises Over $1,000

At a closing reception for A Day in the Life of Strafford on December 6, over $1,000 was raised to benefit the Morrill Memorial & Harris Library in Strafford.

After spending this past July 5 photographing Strafford's people, places and events, 35 framed photographs by the project's 18 photographers were up for bid. A majority of them sold during the auction, as well as dozens of copies of a DVD slide show.

Tea, baked goods and wreaths were also for sale at the event, all to benefit the library. Over three hours' time, visitors stopped by between attending other holiday events in town.

Professional and amateur photographers volunteered their time to work on the Fourth of July project. Some photographers were town residents, others came from other area towns. The ages of those behind the camera ranged from children to retirees.

Thanks go those who helped underwrite the show and auction: Blake Spencer, the Kimbell Sherman Ellis firm in Montpelier, Dori and Jeff Wolfe, Rocky Fuller, MC Autoworks and Annie Penfield's Strafford Saddlery. Martin Frank was a great help in helping to organize the show and in soliciting help to pay for the show. And thanks go to James Patterson for gathering audio that accompanied a slide show of the project's photographs.

The slide show will continue to be for sale at the library and at Coburn's General Store in South Strafford.

— Geoff Hansen