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In Dec. 2008, A Day in the Life of Strafford raised over $1,000 for the Morris Memorial & Harris Library. Click here to read more.


• Tim Calabro
• John Crossley
• Laura DeCapua
• Robert Eddy
• Alice Garik
• Ken Goss
• Geoff Hansen
• Jennifer Hauck
• Channing Johnson
• Kay Jorgensen
• Pete Jorgensen
• Molly Lamb
• Amelia Lincoln
• John O'Brien
• James Patterson
• Faith Pease
• Michael Sacca
• Jim Wick

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Photo Project Raises Over $2,000

About 50 people attended the silent auction finale on October 14, where over $2,000 was raised towards the steeple repair fund for the Tunbridge Church and North Tunbridge Church. Framed prints were sold to the highest bidders for $1,777. Sixty DVD slide shows created by Michael Sacca have been sold to date. The slide show will continue to be sold at the Tunbridge Library, stores in town and on line.

After spending this past Memorial Day photographing Tunbridge's people, places and events, the photo show "A Day in the Life of Tunbridge" was created from the work of 18 photographers.

Attendees at the reception on Sunday, October 14, were treated to music by the Back Porch Pickers, fed by the Friends of the Tunbridge Library and watched the slide show set to music.

Professional and amateur photographers volunteered their time to work on the Memorial Day project. Some photographers were town residents, others came from across Vermont and as far away as Boston. One photographer, who is ten years old, worked alongside her teacher from the Tunbridge After School Program.

Memorial Day is an eventful holiday in town. The library's annual book sale, a special service in Town Hall, a parade and the fire department's chicken barbeque are annual traditions.

In addition to town events, photographers found people and places in town to photograph, including hill farmers, store owners, families, artists and elderly residents.

— Geoff Hansen